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According to a number of studies, slow web sites and difficult navigation are the most popular complaints of web users today. The time lost due to frustrating experiences ranged from 47% to 53% of the time spent on computers.

Companies spend a lot of money on the latest cutting-edge graphic design, multimedia, and other creative design techniques. This is all a total waste of money if your visitors have to wait more than a few seconds for your web pages to load.

Why? Because, your web site visitors won't wait! On the Web, user patience is a time bomb. It starts ticking each time a visitor opens one of your pages. You have only a few seconds to get compelling content onto the screen. Fail, and you can kiss your customers and profits goodbye. You can't count on fast connections either. Most Internet users are still sucking content through a 56K straw! You have to serve up greased lightning or they'll bail.

The purpose of optimization and spin up is to proper website into the top, i.e., to the first page of the delivery of prospectors on the profile demands. 4 WEB DIRECT does everything so that the advance of your site would became, the springboard for the increase in the profits and overall development to improve the technologies of website launch and spin ups. 



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